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Oh, that's cute, LJ. Really. Fucking. Cute.

*deep breath*

Do you people enjoy annoying the ever-loving Hell out of large portions of your user-base? Because you seem quite skilled at it. Pity that it's the only skill you worthless fuckmittens seem to have.

Pro-tip- it's supposed to be "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" not "if it ain't broken, take the equivalent of a fucking sledgehammer to it." The thing about updates- they're generally supposed to improve functionality. Add features. Make the site more user-friendly. Are you seeing as pattern here? (Or should I use smaller words?) They shouldn't entail taking a perfectly good system and gutting it. And you guys don't even have a "form vs function" type excuse for this shit, since the new version is ugly and unworkable. I'd probably be impressed at all the myriad levels of suck you've crammed into one update, if it didn't make my fucking head hurt.

And to add insult to injury, your staff seem to have their heads so far up their collective asses that you couldn't remove them with a fucking crowbar. Pro-tip the second: pissing off your customers and belittling their concerns gets you nowhere.
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My reproductive system either has the worst timing in the damn world, or actively hates me. I'm betting on the latter.

In other, mostly unrelated, news- I hurt like hell, and I'm completely exhausted. My leg muscles are calling for my blood. So...yeah. I'm off to re-acquaint myself with my heating pad and bottle of Aleve. Ciao.
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I want a pet Mimic Octopus. I'd name it Admiral Ackbar. (And now Ace is giving me that "you're a horrible person" look.)

Explanation for the confused: reading up on mimic octopuses, I learned that, in addition to mimicking things like soles, stingrays, jellyfish, anemones, lion fish and sea snakes to deter predators, they have also been known to imitate crabs...to "entice" actual crabs. This is one of those bits of information that gets funnier the longer I think about it. And somehow, I feel the phrase "It's a TRAP!" is appropriate here.

So...yeah. The end result of this conversation was me cackling like a hyena, with Ace providing commentary along the lines of "oh my god, that's fucked up" and "what did crabs ever do to anyone?" And then I mentioned my desire for a pet. XD


Observation of the Day: Some crabs can actually be relatively clever when it comes to getting out of bad situations. Observation the Second- There exists no level of cleverness that will save a crab that has just been dropped onto a hungry Giant Pacific Octopus. (As demonstrated by the lovely people at the Marine Heritage Center in Bellingham.)

Ace: Hey cephalopods! Leave them crabs alone!
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Not just no, but HELL no. (Like that opinion shocks anyone who knows me.) There are so very many reasons why this is a fucking horrible idea. I'm all for reasonable copyright protection, but this excuse for a bill goes way too far. (And people wonder why pirates get so much public sympathy.)
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Last night, Ace and I went out to pick up some pizzas for dinner. We walked to Sunset Square- about a half-hour walk. It was a lovely night- windy, but not too cold, and cloudy and beautiful. The kind of night where the air feels alive and you feel like you could almost fly. We were planning on walking back, but it started raining shortly after we ordered. So...yeah. That wasn't gonna happen. Walking in rain is wonderful, but not when you're carrying your dinner. It was raining hard enough at first that I ended up taking off my jacket and using it to keep the pizza boxes from getting too wet. And then halfway to the bus stop, the skies opened up and the rain started coming down in sheets. I have been under showers that didn't have that much force. Ace ran for the bus shelter, and did his best to keep himself and the pizzas out of the torrent. I gave him my Gameboy Advance (yes, I still have one of those) for safekeeping, and told him I was going to re-live my childhood for a bit. And then I danced in the rain until the bus came.
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One question almost any atheist is familiar with is "What if you're wrong? What if there really is a God?"

Well here's my answer.

"Then He'd better have a damn good explanation for this shit."

Ah, Summer

2011-07-24 04:49 pm
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Well, the heat wave we've all been hearing about has officially hit the Pacific Northwest. It actually got all the way up to 80 today. *waves at San Bernardino*
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You want to know the perfect definition of "annoying"? A mosquito bite on the sole of your foot. Yeesh.
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Huh. Foreign is now synonymous with "not American". Good to know.

As to the question- I can't think of any movie that should get an "American remake". Hollywood screws up it's own stories (for a given value of the word) badly enough as it is.
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Having experienced both, I can honestly say that given a choice between neighbours who shoot off fireworks all night (in the days before the 4th of July, mind) and neighbours who run guns across the freaking Canadian border, I...

Okay, I actually prefer the idiots with fireworks. They're slightly less likely to kill me. But it was a much harder decision than it should have been. <_<. I can tolerate fireworks on the Fourth, because hey- it's what the holiday is for, and it can be pretty fun. But on the days before and after, it's just fucking obnoxious, and it makes me start contemplating the merits of shoving said fireworks into various orifices.
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If I ruled the world, concern trolling would be a capital offense. I mean, be a hateful piece of shit all you want. But the minute you pull the "I'm just trying to help you" card, you should be taken outside and shot.
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Fidgeting with a knife near your face? Bad idea. Poking yourself in the eye with same knife? Worse idea. Ow.
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There are people who will tell you that Linux is superior to Windows in every imaginable way, and that you will never ever again want to stab your computer after installing it. These people are lying.

Oh, FFS!

2011-04-02 05:40 pm
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Exibit fucking "C"

I hate humanity. I hate religion. And I FUCKING DESPISE pro-lifers.
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Exibit "A"
Exibit "B"

Honestly, I'm not sure who pisses me off more- Terry Jones, the grandstanding Koran-burning douchbag who values his ego over the lives of Americans (and others) stationed in the middle east (Because, yes. He knew damn well what would happen), or the fundamentalist wastes of oxygen who decided to kill people who had nothing to do with the stunt. As far as I'm concerned, they should all be rounded up and shot.

And people wonder why I think humanity would be better off without religion.
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Jonathan Coulton - Creepy Doll

I found this video last night and decided to share. Aren't I nice?

...you might not want to watch it if you're planning on sleeping anytime soon.

And there's a creepy doll
That always follows you
It's got a ruined eye
That's always- open
And there's a creepy doll
That always follows you
It's got a pretty mouth
To swallow- you whole
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Any white person who whines about how it's "unfair" that they can't use the word "nigger" needs to be kicked in the face. Repeatedly.

Further random thoughts- You want to know what will show that we've moved beyond racism as a society? When whites stop obsessing over that word. That means no "But they use it! Why can't we?" or "It's not offensive anymore, though!" or "But if you asked, I'd tell you that I'm not a racist! Why are you so mean?" None of that. And above all, no white people getting butt-hurt when they use the word and someone threatens to beat the shit out of them. Because given the history involved, that's a fairly mild response.
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"The building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault." -Blood Rites, by Jim Butcher.

It's a hilarious line, one that pulls you in immediately. And it's even funnier when you know the main characters history. (Things tend to end up burning around him.) Really, what's not to love about that line? (The same book also has one of the funniest closing lines I've come across- "Why did you get large breed Puppy Chow?")
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Ace just got a call telling us that our friend Mouse died. I can't imagine how hard this must be on Shadow- she was everything to him. This has got to be hell. Mouse was a truly wonderful person, and I feel privileged to have known her. And I'm not crying because she's gone, I'm crying because she's not here. Because I'll never get to talk to her again. Because Shadow has lost the person he loves, and because so many of us have lost such a good friend. The world is truly a poorer place without her.

I believe in making funerals a time to celebrate a persons life. I believe in remembering the good times, and recalling what someone meant to those who knew them. But that can come later. Right now, I grieve. Both for Mouseie, and for those of us left behind.


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