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My reproductive system either has the worst timing in the damn world, or actively hates me. I'm betting on the latter.

In other, mostly unrelated, news- I hurt like hell, and I'm completely exhausted. My leg muscles are calling for my blood. So...yeah. I'm off to re-acquaint myself with my heating pad and bottle of Aleve. Ciao.
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I want a pet Mimic Octopus. I'd name it Admiral Ackbar. (And now Ace is giving me that "you're a horrible person" look.)

Explanation for the confused: reading up on mimic octopuses, I learned that, in addition to mimicking things like soles, stingrays, jellyfish, anemones, lion fish and sea snakes to deter predators, they have also been known to imitate crabs...to "entice" actual crabs. This is one of those bits of information that gets funnier the longer I think about it. And somehow, I feel the phrase "It's a TRAP!" is appropriate here.

So...yeah. The end result of this conversation was me cackling like a hyena, with Ace providing commentary along the lines of "oh my god, that's fucked up" and "what did crabs ever do to anyone?" And then I mentioned my desire for a pet. XD


Observation of the Day: Some crabs can actually be relatively clever when it comes to getting out of bad situations. Observation the Second- There exists no level of cleverness that will save a crab that has just been dropped onto a hungry Giant Pacific Octopus. (As demonstrated by the lovely people at the Marine Heritage Center in Bellingham.)

Ace: Hey cephalopods! Leave them crabs alone!
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One question almost any atheist is familiar with is "What if you're wrong? What if there really is a God?"

Well here's my answer.

"Then He'd better have a damn good explanation for this shit."
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Having experienced both, I can honestly say that given a choice between neighbours who shoot off fireworks all night (in the days before the 4th of July, mind) and neighbours who run guns across the freaking Canadian border, I...

Okay, I actually prefer the idiots with fireworks. They're slightly less likely to kill me. But it was a much harder decision than it should have been. <_<. I can tolerate fireworks on the Fourth, because hey- it's what the holiday is for, and it can be pretty fun. But on the days before and after, it's just fucking obnoxious, and it makes me start contemplating the merits of shoving said fireworks into various orifices.
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Fidgeting with a knife near your face? Bad idea. Poking yourself in the eye with same knife? Worse idea. Ow.
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There are people who will tell you that Linux is superior to Windows in every imaginable way, and that you will never ever again want to stab your computer after installing it. These people are lying.
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Giving opium to babies was a great idea. We should revive the practice. Now. So that I can actually get to sleep. *grumble* bloody thin walls *grumble*
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American voters are, by and large, complete fucking idiots. Seriously, does this country have the collective memory of a fucking goldfish? WTF, people.
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Nothing like getting stuck in your hometown for two months to make you remember why you left in the first place. God, I hate San Bernardino.

On that note- *pokes Foamy* Call me? E-mail me? Something? I'm stuck using the library network, so no messenger. :(
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Travel is useful. It gives you time to ponder the great questions of life. Major, important, life-altering Questions(tm). Questions like "WHEN THE HELL DID I DEVELOP A FEAR OF FLYING!?"

Okay, so it's hardly a crippling fear. And alcohol and gallows humor certainly help. But still- that wasn't there the last time I was on a plane.
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I fucking hate humanity. For a variety of reasons that I don't feel like getting into right now.
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I really need to find methods of dealing with stress that don't involve slamming my head repeatedly against a door frame.
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Technology fucking hates me.

The fact that the Recovery Disc Creator on this POC computer runs into at least one error every time I try to run it really does not bode well. It also wastes a remarkable number of blank discs. Managing to get the first ten (out of 12) burned successfully, and then having to restart from the beginning...let's just say that it's a good thing none of my blades are in reach. I want to kill someone. I really want to kill someone. Preferably the last person to own this computer.

ETA: According to Ace, I can probably make do with just the first ten discs. So no computer-stabby for me. ^_^
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This post brought to you by a Southern California native who's just experienced her first real snowstorm. And was stuck outside in same while waiting for the bus. Me and Ace were meeting Julie at the mall earlier today and missed the last 540. This necessitated about a 30 minute walk to Haggens and the stop for the 331. On the way, it started snowing. Snow, when blown into ones eyes, is surprisingly painful. Fortunately, we were all able to take a cab home.

In other news, Ace starts working at Little Caesar's on Monday. Free (okay, discount) pizza FTW! And crazy bread. Can't forget the crazy bread.
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So...it's my second week of living in Bellingham. I miss Nana, of course. And the kitties. And not sharing a room with four other people. >_< No, seriously. A room. It's been rather stressful adjusting. There's almost no spare space, and I had to invest in earplugs because Ace and Julie tend to snore. Loudly. But I'm still mostly content. Julie starts work on Monday. Monday night to be precise. She'll be working at the same place as Kandis, though in a different section and on a different shift. Ace and I are still looking. With luck, it won't take too long. The sooner we can save up for a real place, the better.

On the bright side, the air is breathable, the tap water is drinkable, and the entire place is gorgeous. I'm still getting a feel for the city, but it is definitely superior to San Bernardino. And then there's Mallard's Ice Cream, easily the best (if weirdest) ice cream place I've been to. Coldstone, eat your heart out. ^_^ Ace got me hooked on the Black Pepper Vanilla. I got myself hooked on the Coconut and Chocolate Chunk with Almonds.

*sigh* I probably should try to get some sleep. I've got stuff to take care of later today, and besides, sleeping from dawn to noon probably isn't a good habit to get in to. Ciao.
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Hydrochloric acid, no matter how diluted, does not belong on open cuts. What, you were expecting something novel? I did say that it was obvious. -_-

Anyway, Jenny had her baby so I'll have to drop by for a visit. Classes are actually going pretty good, and I got my FAFSA renewed.

I'm making good progress on VI, and I finally got to see Oscar and get FFIV back. His laptop computer has "mysteriously" gone missing. Along with his GBA SP. >_< I recommended booby trapping. At least his PS2 is safe with Hiram. And once I save up enough for FFXII, I'm gonna see if I can borrow it. (Yes, I am shameless.)

No, I don't have anything else to add. later. ^_^


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