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Bath & Body Works just called, and I have orientation tomorrow at one. YES!!! *does happy dance*
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7-eleven called, and if I can get back to them, I should have an interview this week. *squee* I hope everything goes well. I've been trying to get work from Express, but so far none of the jobs they have available are on the bus lines. Go figure. Julie's got a job at the mall, so we won't starve. And thanks to the food bank, we aren't living off of ramen anymore. Ramen is now #3 on the List Of Things Roz Is Never Eating Again. (The other two are imitation crab and Funyuns) Ye gods, I was getting sick of that stuff.

Jay borrowed Sweeney Todd a couple nights ago, and we all watched it. Ace, Julie and I have seen it before, and we got a good laugh out of Jay (who knew the gist of the story) asking how the hell Sweeney talked Mrs. Lovett into making his victims into meat pies. The look on his face during "A Little Priest" was priceless.

The weather is definitely turning colder, which means I likely won't be able to get any giant slug pics. (Yeah, I bet everyone's disappointed about that) It also means I need to start begging Nana for money until I can pay for warm clothing and extra blankets myself. *is shameless- and she did tell me to ask if I needed anything*
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Surimi is a fun word. Also, I am never eating the stuff again.
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Well, looks like the honeymoon is over. I start work tomorrow afternoon. ^_^ At Trans Ocean Products, Monday-Thursday, from 6:30pm to 5:00am. The time is a slight problem, since the buses don't start running until 6:40am. I intend to get a bike with my first paycheck(in about a week)but until then, it looks like I'll be walking home.

On another note, the Fourth of July was...entertaining. We had BBQ, and shot off fireworks in the parking lot. The highlight was Jonathan taking a shot from a rather large Roman Candle. In the crotch. And walking away with nothing more than scorch marks on his pants. It was pretty funny, and he's now got several nicknames from the incident. (Johnny Hot Pants and Johnny Crotch Rocket included-I never claimed we were a mature bunch.)I've dubbed "Great Balls Of Fire" his new theme song.

Anyway...Kandi wants to use the computer now, and she gets violent when I defy her. Or grope her...but that's beside the point. The point is that I need to go before she hurts me. And not in the fun way, either. -_- Besides, we've got pizza on the way. ^_^ Ciao.
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So...it's my second week of living in Bellingham. I miss Nana, of course. And the kitties. And not sharing a room with four other people. >_< No, seriously. A room. It's been rather stressful adjusting. There's almost no spare space, and I had to invest in earplugs because Ace and Julie tend to snore. Loudly. But I'm still mostly content. Julie starts work on Monday. Monday night to be precise. She'll be working at the same place as Kandis, though in a different section and on a different shift. Ace and I are still looking. With luck, it won't take too long. The sooner we can save up for a real place, the better.

On the bright side, the air is breathable, the tap water is drinkable, and the entire place is gorgeous. I'm still getting a feel for the city, but it is definitely superior to San Bernardino. And then there's Mallard's Ice Cream, easily the best (if weirdest) ice cream place I've been to. Coldstone, eat your heart out. ^_^ Ace got me hooked on the Black Pepper Vanilla. I got myself hooked on the Coconut and Chocolate Chunk with Almonds.

*sigh* I probably should try to get some sleep. I've got stuff to take care of later today, and besides, sleeping from dawn to noon probably isn't a good habit to get in to. Ciao.


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