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Last night, Ace and I went out to pick up some pizzas for dinner. We walked to Sunset Square- about a half-hour walk. It was a lovely night- windy, but not too cold, and cloudy and beautiful. The kind of night where the air feels alive and you feel like you could almost fly. We were planning on walking back, but it started raining shortly after we ordered. So...yeah. That wasn't gonna happen. Walking in rain is wonderful, but not when you're carrying your dinner. It was raining hard enough at first that I ended up taking off my jacket and using it to keep the pizza boxes from getting too wet. And then halfway to the bus stop, the skies opened up and the rain started coming down in sheets. I have been under showers that didn't have that much force. Ace ran for the bus shelter, and did his best to keep himself and the pizzas out of the torrent. I gave him my Gameboy Advance (yes, I still have one of those) for safekeeping, and told him I was going to re-live my childhood for a bit. And then I danced in the rain until the bus came.

Six weeks?

2009-04-12 10:08 am
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Well, that took longer than I thought. For the past two or so months, I've been limited to the library computers, hence the lack of updates. But yesterday, Nana sent me the cash to get a used laptop.(YAY!)Right now, there is a weak, uncertain wireless network in the area, which I'm using. The library also has free Wi-Fi, (without the one-hour time limit ^_^) so I'll be taking shameless advantage of that. Anyway...

Apparently, Nana had been underpaid by $1,200 over the last four months. Needless to say, she had been pretty stressed about finances. When her last check came in absurdly short on Friday (instead of just worryingly short), she went down and got it all sorted out. They had her listed as on long-term sick leave, AKA not working. She wasn't amused. So...once they gave her the money they owed her, she took care of the biggest financial issues (mainly the car), then sent me $300 for a computer and $50 for Ace. (He's been drafted into my family.)

Me, Ace and Julie moved into our new place last week. It's a 1 bedroom, so I'm sleeping in the living room. Not that I mind- besides, it's worth it. We had to get a co-signer (Julies' dad) and lie on the application. (by omission- apparently WA law prohibits more than two unrelated adults from sharing a one bedroom. Fuckers.) The rent is $475 a month, and water, sewer and gas are paid. Oh, and we have, to quote J, an easy-bake oven. (Seriously, it's tiny.) We took over a lease, so the carpet wasn't replaced and the place wasn't repainted, but that's just a minor annoyance.

In other news, Turn Coat, the newest Dresden Files book- just came out, and I sucked it up and bought a hardcover copy. I also traded my copy of FFXII for the Collectors Edition at Gamestop. And bought a new knife. And I'm forgetting a few things to be smug about. ^_^ So, all in all, I'm in a pretty good mood.


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