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Last night, Ace and I went out to pick up some pizzas for dinner. We walked to Sunset Square- about a half-hour walk. It was a lovely night- windy, but not too cold, and cloudy and beautiful. The kind of night where the air feels alive and you feel like you could almost fly. We were planning on walking back, but it started raining shortly after we ordered. So...yeah. That wasn't gonna happen. Walking in rain is wonderful, but not when you're carrying your dinner. It was raining hard enough at first that I ended up taking off my jacket and using it to keep the pizza boxes from getting too wet. And then halfway to the bus stop, the skies opened up and the rain started coming down in sheets. I have been under showers that didn't have that much force. Ace ran for the bus shelter, and did his best to keep himself and the pizzas out of the torrent. I gave him my Gameboy Advance (yes, I still have one of those) for safekeeping, and told him I was going to re-live my childhood for a bit. And then I danced in the rain until the bus came.
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Not just no, but HELL no. (Like that opinion shocks anyone who knows me.) There are so very many reasons why this is a fucking horrible idea. I'm all for reasonable copyright protection, but this excuse for a bill goes way too far. (And people wonder why pirates get so much public sympathy.)


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