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Last night, Ace and I went out to pick up some pizzas for dinner. We walked to Sunset Square- about a half-hour walk. It was a lovely night- windy, but not too cold, and cloudy and beautiful. The kind of night where the air feels alive and you feel like you could almost fly. We were planning on walking back, but it started raining shortly after we ordered. So...yeah. That wasn't gonna happen. Walking in rain is wonderful, but not when you're carrying your dinner. It was raining hard enough at first that I ended up taking off my jacket and using it to keep the pizza boxes from getting too wet. And then halfway to the bus stop, the skies opened up and the rain started coming down in sheets. I have been under showers that didn't have that much force. Ace ran for the bus shelter, and did his best to keep himself and the pizzas out of the torrent. I gave him my Gameboy Advance (yes, I still have one of those) for safekeeping, and told him I was going to re-live my childhood for a bit. And then I danced in the rain until the bus came.
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Jonathan Coulton - Creepy Doll

I found this video last night and decided to share. Aren't I nice?

...you might not want to watch it if you're planning on sleeping anytime soon.

And there's a creepy doll
That always follows you
It's got a ruined eye
That's always- open
And there's a creepy doll
That always follows you
It's got a pretty mouth
To swallow- you whole
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Fuck you, Bellingham weather. Fuuuuuuuck you.

Total lunar eclipse, and the damn thing was almost totally obscured by clouds. Go fucking figure. Ah well. I did see some of it, at least. *prepares to hunt like mad for photos*
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Travel is useful. It gives you time to ponder the great questions of life. Major, important, life-altering Questions(tm). Questions like "WHEN THE HELL DID I DEVELOP A FEAR OF FLYING!?"

Okay, so it's hardly a crippling fear. And alcohol and gallows humor certainly help. But still- that wasn't there the last time I was on a plane.
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I would like to thank the HP Lovecraft Historical Society for making the endless replaying of Christmas carols tolerable. Trust me- singing "Dance The Cultists" whenever "Deck the Halls" comes on can go quite a long way towards blunting the "must...kill...carolers..." reflex I tend to get around this time of year. (Watch them kill and disembowel! Fa la la la la la la la la!) And the weird looks I get from people when the actually realize what I'm singing is just icing on the cake.
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A.K.A. my Facepalm of the Day Moment.

Seriously. I wonder about humanity sometimes. Like when I read the following post on the DragCave forums-

Seth Green brand of humor isn't acceptable anywhere on the internet that isn't 16+ as far as I'm concerned and that post is the definition of it, and I will reject descriptions with overly vulgar and disgusting content.

And what "vulgar and disgusting" content was so objectionable that only people above 16 should be exposed to it? Why, the following description, of course-

"Ickleribbon is cute enough to make you vomit fluffy bunnies and rainbow sprinkles. That's all you need to know"

Scandalous, I know. My god, won't someone think of the poor, innocent children. Who have never been exposed to such vile filth. Vomiting fluffy bunnies, indeed. Their poor minds will be hopelessly warped. /deadpan

On the bright side, I really needed the resulting giggle-fit. Vomiting "fluffy bunnies and rainbow sprinkles" is inappropriate for children. I'm still laughing. (I'm also tempted to write "vulgar and disgusting" descriptions for my own dragons. But that's beside the point.)
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1. Download the (disturbing, disturbingly catchy) song "Still Alive" from Portal.

2. Play it. On repeat. Until it starts making perfect sense. (Note- sleep deprivation greatly aids this step.)
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Bacon donuts.

All I'm gonna say.
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As soon as my roommates get home, I'm informing them of the new house rule- no multi-cellular, sentient lifeforms in the rice cooker. -_-

Seriously. I've seen cats with less luxuriant fur.
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So...I turned 23 on Sunday. Couldn't really do much, us being so broke it's not even funny. But Julie made cupcakes, and we watched Labyrinth yesterday, so all in all, I'm happy. And J's birthday is later this month, so we're all going to have a joint party. ^_^ Yeah...not much else to say. Ciao.

Six weeks?

2009-04-12 10:08 am
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Well, that took longer than I thought. For the past two or so months, I've been limited to the library computers, hence the lack of updates. But yesterday, Nana sent me the cash to get a used laptop.(YAY!)Right now, there is a weak, uncertain wireless network in the area, which I'm using. The library also has free Wi-Fi, (without the one-hour time limit ^_^) so I'll be taking shameless advantage of that. Anyway...

Apparently, Nana had been underpaid by $1,200 over the last four months. Needless to say, she had been pretty stressed about finances. When her last check came in absurdly short on Friday (instead of just worryingly short), she went down and got it all sorted out. They had her listed as on long-term sick leave, AKA not working. She wasn't amused. So...once they gave her the money they owed her, she took care of the biggest financial issues (mainly the car), then sent me $300 for a computer and $50 for Ace. (He's been drafted into my family.)

Me, Ace and Julie moved into our new place last week. It's a 1 bedroom, so I'm sleeping in the living room. Not that I mind- besides, it's worth it. We had to get a co-signer (Julies' dad) and lie on the application. (by omission- apparently WA law prohibits more than two unrelated adults from sharing a one bedroom. Fuckers.) The rent is $475 a month, and water, sewer and gas are paid. Oh, and we have, to quote J, an easy-bake oven. (Seriously, it's tiny.) We took over a lease, so the carpet wasn't replaced and the place wasn't repainted, but that's just a minor annoyance.

In other news, Turn Coat, the newest Dresden Files book- just came out, and I sucked it up and bought a hardcover copy. I also traded my copy of FFXII for the Collectors Edition at Gamestop. And bought a new knife. And I'm forgetting a few things to be smug about. ^_^ So, all in all, I'm in a pretty good mood.
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I keep saying I'm going to update more often, but it never seems to work out that way, does it? Though, hey, I managed a whole three entries this month! (Granted, mostly generalized complaining.)

Anyway... J and Kandi are going to be moving out soon, as per their policy of "Why fix a problem when you can blame someone else and run?" Why yes, I am bitter. Not about them moving- Me, Ace and Julie are actually really looking forward to that part. No, I'm bitter about the entitled, self-righteous hypocrisy that's become their default mode the past few months. But that's soon to be in the past. Me? I'm thinking the three of us should throw a party when they leave. Our tax returns should be in by that point.

On another note, a long standing issue I had was resolved through pure dumb luck. See, I got an overdue notice for a book I'd checked out. I could have sworn I turned it in, but according to the note, I hadn't. So I tore my room (and the living room to a lesser extent) apart looking for it. No dice. At this point, I had figured I'd just find out how much it would cost to replace it outright. Then, as I'm walking through the library, what do I see? The "missing" book. Sitting in the proper place on the shelves. Where they had put it after I had turned it in. *facepalm* Apparently, it slipped through the cracks, and was never actually checked in. I explained the situation, so it should all be sorted out now. In retrospect, it's pretty funny.

Outside of a freak snowstorm a couple days ago, the weather's been getting warmer. And I've seen ducks around my apartments. (As well as a woodpecker. I saw it before I heard it. It was kind of cool) Looks like spring is almost here. Pretty soon we'll be back to having deer wandering all over the place. And soon after that, giant slugs- I haven't forgotten my promise to post pictures. ^_~
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Aaaand my CD player quit on me. Go. Fucking. Figure. I'm tempted to use a gun on this one.

In other news- I'm broke, my air mattress has multiple holes in it, the Bellingham job market sucks right now, and I can't even sell plasma because I've been too nervous about getting my friggin' blood pressure taken. (They test your blood pressure and pulse before they allow you to donate. If it's too high, you're deferred for the day. Apparently, a pulse rate of 150 Bpm is too high. Yeah...) And that's not even touching the various and sundry issues with my roommates. *sigh*

On the other hand, I finally got around to killing the Hell Wyrm on FFXII. So that's something.
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This post brought to you by a Southern California native who's just experienced her first real snowstorm. And was stuck outside in same while waiting for the bus. Me and Ace were meeting Julie at the mall earlier today and missed the last 540. This necessitated about a 30 minute walk to Haggens and the stop for the 331. On the way, it started snowing. Snow, when blown into ones eyes, is surprisingly painful. Fortunately, we were all able to take a cab home.

In other news, Ace starts working at Little Caesar's on Monday. Free (okay, discount) pizza FTW! And crazy bread. Can't forget the crazy bread.
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When attempting to place a CD into a CD player, it's generally a good idea to remove the last CD you were listening to first. *facepalm*
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I miss my computer. Jay's computer died. Seriously, it refused to turn on. Fortunately, he had recently backed up all of his files, but still. At least Ace managed to get his laptop working, so we've got internet. Unfortunately, the power cord sucks. How badly does it suck? Well, right now, I'm literally holding the friggin' thing in place so that it can charge. Somehow, I don't think this is what people are referring to when they use the phrase "one-handed typist".

Anyway...people are saying this is shaping up to be an unusually cold fall/winter. Oh. Goody. I'm going to freeze.

Yay! Ace got the power cord working again! I can write with both hands! Nevermind. *screws with cord* Stay...stay...okay...good power cord.

Ahem! On topic. Wait- did I have a topic?

One of Kandi's co-workers might be moving in temporarily. I'm in favor, partly because I have sympathy for her situation, and partly because we're having financial issues and she'd help with the rent. Which is good, because I don't want to have to sell plasma. (Though I might end up doing that anyway. Get something to set aside.)

Ace picked up his copy of Dynasty Warriors 6 today, and has been playing since he got home. I'm told he managed to avoid doing a happy-dance until after he'd left the GameStop. He's cute when he's giddy.

Today was actually a fairly nice day. As in, not rainy, and not (too) cold. Would have been nicer if I hadn't temporarily lost my ability to filter sounds. See, I'm prone to migraines, but more than that, I'm prone to any and all of my senses randomly screwing with me. This is usually accomplished by going into hypersensitive mode. Today, I had a period of a few hours where I could not tune out background noises. It wasn't that anything seemed louder, I just couldn't ignore it. Someone scraping their feet on the sidewalk was enough to set my teeth on edge. Not fun. Not fun at all. If and when I get medical insurance, I should probably get these things checked out.

On a mostly unrelated note, I've actually discovered something I miss about San Bernardino. (BTW, Firefox doesn't recognize San Bernardino as a valid word. This amuses me.) The food banks. That actually provide decent amounts of food. (Seriously. The amount we get is gone halfway through the week.) And don't have condescending staff who assume I don't know that coffee creamer goes into coffee. *sigh*

I need to call Nana again soon. See how she and the cats are doing. But right now, I'm going waste more time on the interwebs. Ciao!
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7-eleven called, and if I can get back to them, I should have an interview this week. *squee* I hope everything goes well. I've been trying to get work from Express, but so far none of the jobs they have available are on the bus lines. Go figure. Julie's got a job at the mall, so we won't starve. And thanks to the food bank, we aren't living off of ramen anymore. Ramen is now #3 on the List Of Things Roz Is Never Eating Again. (The other two are imitation crab and Funyuns) Ye gods, I was getting sick of that stuff.

Jay borrowed Sweeney Todd a couple nights ago, and we all watched it. Ace, Julie and I have seen it before, and we got a good laugh out of Jay (who knew the gist of the story) asking how the hell Sweeney talked Mrs. Lovett into making his victims into meat pies. The look on his face during "A Little Priest" was priceless.

The weather is definitely turning colder, which means I likely won't be able to get any giant slug pics. (Yeah, I bet everyone's disappointed about that) It also means I need to start begging Nana for money until I can pay for warm clothing and extra blankets myself. *is shameless- and she did tell me to ask if I needed anything*
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...but giant slugs were not on the list. I'm used to the little one-inch southern California types. Not the half-foot (and no, I'm not exaggerating) ones I see around here.

Much of Bellingham seems to be a near 50-50 mix of city and forest. It's pretty cool. We've got wild blackberries everywhere, and it's not uncommon to see deer wandering around places like the WWU campus. And it's all absolutely beautiful. (Memo to self- invest in digital camera. In the meanwhile, borrow Julie's.)

The move in went off without too many hitches. I mean, aside from Ace nailing himself in the crotch with the corner of the futon while getting it upstairs. ^_^ And we got ourselves a free TV. The DVD player doesn't work, and the power button is gone so you have to stick your finger in the opening to turn it on (or use the remote), but still. Free TV! People throw out the damnedest things sometimes. So now we've got two TVs with a PS2 hooked up to each, and a lot less arguing about who gets to play when. And since I've gotten everyone addicted to Countdown, there's at least one hour where everyone agrees on what to watch.

Not that everything's been perfect. We've had a few minor squabbles, and one major one, but all of them have been ironed out. Having our own rooms makes living together a hell of a lot easier.

No job yet, though I had an interview an Bath & Body Works. I also put in an application at 7-Eleven, and frankly, I'm hoping I get that one. It's close by, and I won't have to overhaul my wardrobe. And hopefully won't have to work through all of December. We're all hoping to hit SB over the holidays. You know, see our families, catch up with our friends, kill Julie's parents and sell their organs on Ebay, check up on my kitties, firebomb Valley College, and basically raise the kind of mayhem that always erupts when you get too many crazy people in one spot. I look forward to it.
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We'll be getting an apartment sometime in September. Four bedrooms for only $900 a month. Low-income housing FTW! Still no job, but meh. Can't win 'em all.

On a completely unrelated note, Ace was playing Godhand a couple nights ago. And it is, hands down, the most brain-break-y game I've ever watched anyone play. (Apparently, it's also pretty damn difficult.) And that was before the song at the end.


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